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Liliana cati ani ai stat in Maroc? Ma bucur ca postarile mele iti trezesc amintiri din corliapie! Eu inca nu am invatat sa mananac cu mana cous-cous :)). Nici nu cred ca o sa ma pricep vreodata :)Multumim de pont, am sa caut si eu la Carrefour
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gehdee joliegiin deer buur 3 hunii umnu orno gedeg sn l hereg baina nuhuriig n bulaasan emegtei shuu de yg selena shig baliar sain naizinhaa boiifiendyrg bulaasan shig taylor swiftiig muhai gomdooson doo
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Th8s&nk#a230;the banner picture is from a morning assembly at one of the schools I used to work at. Every day the kids would come together to pray, sing, and dance. It really was the best part of my day and always hauntingly beautiful.
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Mary, this is lovely. Your bread recipes are phenmoenal and I can't help but stare at all your gorgeous photos. And thank you for your beautiful comments on my blog, I really do appreciate them. You are so kind.
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