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Am iubit aceasta serie inca de la primele pagini,si sincer,n-as fi vrut sa se termine vraodeta.Desi ma durea psihic (parca eram si eu in arena cu Katniss :)) ),cartile m-au hipnotizat pur si simplu.Cel mai mult mi-a placut prima carte,poate fiindca ea m-a facut sa ma indragostesc de serie. :) Primul film a fost ok,actorii au fost alesi destul de bine <3,insa nu mi se pare ca regizorul a facut o treaba foarte buna..Cat despre recenzia ta,e fenomenala!Se vede ca ti-a placut enorm cartea,si nici nu se putea altfel. :)
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Apology accepted. thank you Larry.The visinusoecs in the campaigning is rubbing the public nerves raw. As is the continual barrage of commercials and polling calls. What is really sad is that so much money is wasted on this tripe that could have better been used to help those who are suffering under this economy. If both campaigns took just 10% of their cash that was earmarked for negative ads, and used it to stock food banks or help homeless shelters, they could do a lot to redeem themselves in the public eye.Reply
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